First Mesothelioma Connection Program

First Mesothelioma Connection Program - Pacific Mesothelioma Center at the Pacific Heart, Lung and Blood Institute

Navigating the world of mesothelioma treatment can be a scary and confusing venture for newly diagnosed patients and their families. You may not know where to go or who to turn to. The best source of guidance may be someone who has been through this before and can understand your unique situation.

The Pacific Mesothelioma Center’s First Mesothelioma Connection Program puts newly diagnosed patients in touch with other patients, survivors and families to share experiences. New patients can get a first-hand prospective from another patient on how they reached their decisions, why they chose one treatment plan or doctor over another and, most importantly, explain what to expect while undergoing treatment in terms of side effects and recovery time.

The PMC has helped many new patients make important treatment decisions through this program. To speak with patients in your area or to become a mentor, email or call 1 (888) 996 – MESO (6376).