Nurse Lien’s Mesothelioma Patient Corner

Nurse Lien Hua-Feng, Nurse Practitioner

Lien was trained at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Master of Science in Nursing.

In 2007, Lien was hired as a Thoracic Nurse Coordinator at Saint John’s Health Center, in Santa Monica. At Saint John’s, she was a Thoracic Clinical Nurse Specialist with the PMC’s Scientific Advisor, Dr. Robert B. Cameron. She simultaneously held the position of Thoracic Staff Nurse at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, where she took care of mesothelioma patients, including patients who had just undergone surgery.

In 2013, while working multiple positions, Lien earned her Nurse Practitioner Certificate from the Western University of Health Sciences, in Pomona, CA. She is board certified as a Nurse Practitioner with the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners.

Lien’s extensive background in research, clinical nursing, thoracic surgery, case management and nursing coordination make her uniquely suited for helping mesothelioma patients with needs ranging from general information about mesothelioma to specific treatments of individual therapies. She has spent years taking care of surgical patients as they recover inside and outside the hospital as well as helped manage patients receiving chemotherapy. Lien has been directly involved in basic science and clinical research as well as advocacy. Her unique combination of experiences is something that allows her to address ALL of the questions of mesothelioma patients

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