Divisions – Heart, Lung and Blood

Pacific Heart Lung & Blood Institute (PHLBI) is devoted to the prevention and treatment of heart, lung and blood diseases. The Institute contains three primary divisions of research and education:

Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the U.S., making it an extremely common and fatal illness.

Any research that is done in the way of this disease is necessary for the wellness and longevity of the American population.

As a result, PHLBI recognizes the importance of investing time and effort to help prevent and treat heart disease, particularly coronary artery disease and coronary heart failure.

Lung disease includes the extremely fatal lung cancer – the second leading cause of death among Americans.

The Lung Division at PHLBI focuses on not only this deadly disease, but also more rare forms of cancer surrounding the lungs, such as thymic cancer and malignant pleural mesothelioma, as well as the extremely common respiratory disease known as bronchitis.

The Blood division at PHLBI is focused on blood disorders such as anemia – a serious condition in which the red blood cells or hemoglobin counts are subpar – as well as solutions to relative disorders, including tissue engineering and artificial blood.

Both tissue engineering and artificial blood are extremely important as they have the ability to save the lives of patients’ who may not have access to human blood or tissue, particularly those suffering from anemia.

Each division of PHLBI is significant on its own, but together represent a collaborative effort aimed at successfully preventing and treating some of the most common and/or fatal illnesses affecting Americans today.