Meet the Speaker’s for the 7th Symposium on Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma Part One

Luana Calabrò MD, Anna Nowak MBBS FRACP PhD., Haining Yang MD PhD.

The Symposium’s Distinguished Panel Includes:

Luana Calabrò, MD, received her MD degree from the University of Messina, Italy, and her board certification in Hematology and in medical oncology from the University of Messina, Italy. She performed post-doctoral study at the Centro di Riferimento Oncologico, Aviano, Italy. She worked as researcher at the National Institute of Health, Rome , and later moved to Siena where she works presently as clinical associate at the Medical Oncology and Immunotherapy, Center at the University Hospital of Siena. Dr Calabrò’s research interests include cancer immunobiology and epigenetics, as well as bioimmunotherapy of solid tumors, with particular focus on thoracic malignancies. She has authored more then 50 international scientific publications in books, monographs, and peer-reviewed journals. Lastly, Dr Calabrò is/has been co-Investigator/Principal Investigator of several phase I-III clinical trials with immunotherapeutic agentsi in patients with solid malignancies.

Anna Nowak, MBBS, FRACP, PhD. is a Medical Oncologist and member of the Perth Mesothelioma Centre she has participated actively in mesothelioma research over the past 10 years, and has received international recognition in this area. Dr. Nowak has been active in pre-clinical research in this disease. Her laboratory work in mesothelioma includes a PhD thesis on combination chemo-immunotherapy in a murine model; this work was awarded at local, national, and international level, winning the International Mesothelioma Interest Group New Investigator Award in 2002. She returned to UWA in 2005 to pursue laboratory work and clinical translational work in mesothelioma She has given numerous oral presentations and published abstracts of her work at national and international meetings. More recently, she has continued to investigate the role of PET scanning in prognostication and monitoring of treatment response in mesothelioma, and is the principal investigator of an investigator-initiated phase II clinical trial of sunitinib as second line therapy in malignant mesothelioma.

Haining Yang, MD, PhD., is a Professor in the Cancer Biology Program at the University of Hawaii Cancer Center. She has a MD from, Shandong Medical University,
and a PhD, Shandong University. Her research goal is to find novel strategies for mesothelioma early detection, prevention and therapy. During years of study, Dr. Yang has discovered some key mechanisms of asbestos-induced carcinogenesis. Additionally, She found that asbestos induces cell necrosis, causing the release of a critical factor called High Mobility Group Box 1 protein (HMGB1). HMGB1 functions as the “master switch” that when turned on, kick starts a series of inflammatory responses that over time lead to malignant transformation of mesothelial cells and mesothelioma development. .Besides the studies on HMGB1, Dr. Yang in collaboration with Dr. Michele Carbone, discovered that heterozygous germline BAP1 mutations predispose to malignant mesothelioma. These findings opened a new research field studying the mechanisms of gene-environment interaction in causing mesothelioma, and led to the discovery of a new cancer syndrome that was named the “BAP1 cancer syndrome”.  Dr. Yang’s research is funded by the National Cancer Institute, the V-Foundation and the Department of Defense. Dr. Yang received EU Marie Curie Scholarship from the European Commission Marie Curie Actions Program in 2005, and she was one of the recipients of the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Innovative Landon Award for International Collaboration in Cancer Research in 2008.

If you would like attend the symposium click here to register. Registration fees before September 12th are
Physicians :$150
Nurses :$100
Family & Patients:$75
Legal Profession:$400

All physicians and nurses attending will receive continuing medical education (CME) course credit. Patients and families are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Breakfast, lunch and coffee included in registration fee.

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