The Alkaline Diet: A Natural Cancer Cure?

The cure for cancer. Famous doctors devote their lives to finding a cure. Endless experiments have been conducted to find it. Millions of people search for this miracle treatment.

But what if there already is an existing cure?

Inflammation of the body and the increasing intracellular pH are the main promoters of the growth of cancer. These factors provide a perfect setting for cancer cells to thrive and multiply. The verdict for this inflammation? Diet. While a diet full of carbohydrates, sugar, and dairy products serves as an invitation for cancer cells to grow in the body, a diet that limits protein and carb consumption and highlights the importance of vegetables can reduce and even eliminate cancer cells in the body. An alkaline diet fits the criteria for regulating the inflammation and pH in the body.

Alkaline Diet Natural Cancer CureAn alkaline diet consists of fresh vegetables, fruits, and unprocessed sources of protein that are highly alkaline. This in turn results in a more alkaline urine pH level that helps protect healthy cells from cancer cells and balance essential mineral levels. To vastly increase the chances of erasing cancer cells in the body, there are some critical foods that must be cut out in this diet.

Sugar is a food that is dangerous to cancer patients. Sugar metabolism creates acid, which is the opposite of what the alkaline diet aims for. In addition to raising body acidity, cancer cells are fueled by sugar at an enormous rate. A PET test revealed that cancer cells uptake sugar 10-12 times the rate of healthy cells. Furthermore, sugar is proven to suppress a key response in the immune system, which weakens the immunity of the body up to a shocking 44%. Instead, raw honey or fruit eaten in moderation can serve as sugar replacements.

Glasses with fresh vegetable juices isolated on white. Detox diet.

It is crucial to cut out glutinous grains in the alkaline diet for cancer patients. Like sugar, gluten causes inflammation and causes immune dysfunction. Gluten smothers the lining of the intestines which causes digestion and nutrient absorption to be hindered when it is consumed. Gluten is found in grains such as wheat, rye, and barley which are common ingredients found in many baked goods. In its place, gluten-free grains such as rice, buckwheat, and quinoa can be used as substitutes.

Drinks play an essential role in this alkaline diet. Processed drinks such as fruit juices and soda should be eliminated as they have high concentrations of sugar and are highly acid forming. Likewise, alcohol consumption should be cut out. As always, clean water or lightly brewed green tea is a healthy, anti-cancer option for drinks. Another recommended option is fresh vegetable juice made at home.

The research for the cure for cancer has been going on for 50 years now. “Magic” treatments claiming to cure cancer have been announced numerous times to the world, but the results of these magical cures have been disappointing. While managing nutrition and diet might not be magic, it is a definite, proven way to fight off cancer.


About the Author 

Joshua Moon is an intern at PHLBI who is interested in participating in biomedical research and exploring the medical field. He will be a senior at Oxford Academy in the 2017-2018 school year. Previously, he has participated in the research of the West Nile Virus and has been part of a biomedical class for two years. Joshua is an Eagle Scout and loves to play volleyball.