Raising Support for Nonprofit Mesothelioma Research Lab

FullSizeRender (10)The end of the year marks the start of our annual fund drive here at the Pacific Mesothelioma Center at PHLBI . Donations procured from the annual fund play a huge role in the advancement and success of research efforts in our in-house research lab.  Our work in the lab is fueled by the remembrance of those we have lost and the promise of the current research and treatments that we are developing. Presently. we are the “only” nonprofit research organization that has its own in-house research lab.

This makes our need for support that much greater as we rely on donors such as yourself to help us bring our research to another level. We ask that you help us commemorate those who have passed and those who are suffering from these devastating diseases by donating to our cause. Help fund our mesenchymal stem cell research program and enable us to develop treatments for mesothelioma, thymoma, and other chest cancer diseases.

                                                                        Annual Fund Progress

thernometerWe have currently raised 56%  (112,000) of our $200,000 annual fund goal. With just 12 days until the 31st we ask all of our friends and supporters to give or in some cases increase their giving so can make our mark and start the new year with this success.

Read our annual appeal letter & learn more about our need : here