Ways to Donate

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4th Annual 5K Walk for Meso

Donate via a social donating platform and get a FREE $5 credit when you sign up:
PHLBI has partnered with a new and free donation platform Pledgeling.
You can now donate at the click of a button, follow your friends and fellow donors, and make giving fun and social.
No extra fees. A FREE $5 credit to donate to PHLBI is automatically applied to your account when you sign up! View and donate to our cause here.

2017  Research Lab Needs:

We have many exciting developments in the lab and with those developments we require additional equipment and products. Your donation could help us in the procurement of a Leica DM 1000 LED/fluorescence microscope,  specimen inventory management software (HIPAA/GLP compliant) + bar code scanner.

Fluorescence Microscope- 



The research program at the Pacific Mesothelioma Center is presently developing innovative mesenchymal stem cell-based treatments modeled on recent clinical breakthroughs in combination immunotherapy for cancer.  If you want to learn more about our research, please click here

In clinical trials, mesenchymal stem cells have been shown to be generally safe to use in therapies for humans. These cells appear to be a useful vector for delivering anti-cancer agents directly to malignant tumors in cancer patients in the clinic. However, additional laboratory research is needed to determine exactly how mesenchymal stem cells can be transformed into a carrier that synergistically increases the immune-boosting properties of various other immunotherapies.

An additional piece of equipment needed to expedite our research is a fluorescence microscope, costing $12,000.  A fluorescent microscope is an optical microscope that uses fluorescence and phosphorescence instead of reflection and absorption to generate clearer image of the cells.   This microscope will allow our researchers to more efficiently conduct routine monitoring of human mesenchymal stem cell batches cultivated for research.  Naming rights for the microscope are available.

Basic Funding Needs:
PHLBI has “ongoing” maintenance expenses to continue its unique service to research  including nitrogen and carbon dioxide tanks,  waste management,  specimen procurement, and  personnel  all require funding on an ongoing basis.

Legal Settlement Pledge:
Many victims are able to enter a lawsuit and ask their law firm to donate a percentage of a legal settlement to the PHLBI research. Learn more.

Matching Gifts:
Many employers match charitable contributions given by their employees. Find out from your Human Resources Department about your company’s matching gift policy. If your company does participate, obtain a matching gift form and send the completed form, along with your contribution to PHLBI.  Your company will send the matching gift once it has been verified by PHLBI.

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Scientific Researcher examining mesenchymal stem cells under microscope.

Donate Stock:
Giving stock can benefit both parties! The donor can avoid paying capital gains taxes on their stock by donating the security to PHLBI. The full value of the assets becomes tax-deductible, while PHLBI will get the full benefit as well.
Ask your broker to initiate the transfer and contact PHLBI for account information.

Donating stock is a triple play: Book profits, skip capital gains and pocket a deduction

Download a Sample Donation Request letter and send it out to your friends, family, or anybody who could be interested in donating. All contributions are tax-deductible, and we will notify you how much you have raised.

Have a Party:
Make a difference by having fun. Our supporters have hosted a variety of fundraising events —just use your imagination! Your event could be a Bingo Party, Casino Night or a Dance-A-Thon where all the proceeds are donated to PHLBI.
If you have an idea about an event, or need some tips on putting one together, please call Clare Cameron at 310-478-4678.

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4th Annual 5K Walk for Meso

In-Kind Sponsorship:
Do you have a skill or product that you think will be a fine addition to our research and patients support programs, or fundraising events, or know of anybody who does? Please let us know, as we are always looking for opportunities to connect with people who are eager to help a good cause.

Corporate Sponsorship:
By sponsoring one of the PHLBI events, your company does not only support science and community, but can also benefit from it in terms of marketing and publicity. If you know of any companies who are interested in becoming a proud sponsor, please connect them to us to explore different opportunities that are tailored specifically to the company’s needs.

Matching Employee Funds:
Find out if your employee provides a vehicle for tax-deductible charitable contributions through payroll deductions. If they do, they often will match your contribution dollar for dollar.  PHLBI is willing to make a presentation to employee groups to inform them of this opportunity.

Wills and Bequests:
Helping to fund the fight against mesothelioma using wills and bequests is a memorable and dignified way to honor those who have succumbed to this disease. The benefactor may be an individual diagnosed with mesothelioma, or a bequest in memory of one. Perhaps you, too, can consider leaving a bequest to PHLBI.  You do not have to be wealthy to leave a significant gift to PHLBI.   And significant estate planning benefits may apply. Your planned gift can be in the form of any of the following assets:

  • Wills and bequests
  • Life insurance
  • Real Estate
  • Stocks & Shares

By making a planned gift you may be able to:

  • Stretch your philanthropic dollar
  • See significant tax savings
  • Give stocks or real estate at significantly less cost than a cash gift
  • Ensure your legacy in the fight against mesothelioma

 Make a Tribute:
If you’d like to donate in memory of your loved one, please download and fill out this form. We notify all patient’s families of every donation received.


Please contact Clare Cameron as you consider your support for The Pacific Heart, Lung & Blood Institute. Call 310-478-4678 or Email: ccameron@phlbi.org