Diploma-Slider_0003_Layer-2Pledge a Percentage of Your Legal Settlement for Mesothelioma Research;

Ask Your Law Firm to Match Your Gift

It is devastating to be diagnosed with mesothelioma, both for the victim and for their family members.

Many victims are able to prove how they were exposed and are often able to enter into a lawsuit.

We ask that these patients help pledge, as a donation, a percentage of their legal settlement to research at the Pacific Mesothelioma Center, and that they ask their attorneys to match their pledge.

For example, if a victim was to receive a settlement of $100,000, and they pledge 10 percent of that amount, they would have $90,000. If the lawyer matches the pledge, the Pacific Mesothelioma Center will receive $10,000 from the victim, and $10,000 from the law firm.

These donations will fund the important mesenchymal stem cell research program at the Punch Worthington laboratory at UCLA and PMC’s laboratory under the direction of one of the leading pleural mesothelioma experts in North America, Dr. Robert B. Cameron, to find better treatments for this disease and improve patients’ quality of life. Dr. Cameron’s research plan for PMC includes programs involving Immunotherapy, and Screening/Early Detection/Prevention.  Learn more about the Pacific Mesothelioma Center’s innovative research program.

If you wish to pledge a percentage of your settlement, contact the Pacific Mesothelioma Center executive director Clare Cameron at (310) 478-4678 for more information.